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Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social Media Marketing allows you to build brand awareness for your business, as well as gain a loyal fan following.

Social media marketing is one of the best media for engaging with large number of people at a time. There are across 4.5 billion users all around the world on social media. You can connect with them through your advertisement, your social media pages and in return this will help you to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.  Social media allows you to have two approaches for connecting with your customers, organic method & inorganic method. Organic methods of marketing involve posting your content or products on social media platform. This requires strategically publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers and running social media advertisements. Inorganic method is the one in which ads are run for the parties involved to complete the marketing objective. Both organic and inorganic methods work in conjunction with each other.

Marketing on Facebook

Every Business has a page on Facebook. Why? It is because of the the huge reach of the platform: it has more than 1.5 billion users including a lot of active accounts as well. Marketing on Facebook alone is driving many businesses today.

This presents an incredible opportunity for brands to get noticed by the people. Facebook has incorporated a lot of tools for businesses to represent information about themselves in a clear, lucid and concise manner, using a page. Owning a page opens to a lot of support tools that one can use to post content effectively, scheduling it to be posted on backdate of a future date and time. Brand collaboration tools make engagement with different businesses and resource sharing easy.

Facebook offers detailed analytics to keep tabs on how the page is faring with respect to objectives. Every activity on the page can be tracked and evaluated through these tools.

In addition to this, Facebook also offers objective based advertising that enable people to achieve what they want using the extensive reach of Facebook. Ad options are fully capable of growing different kinds of businesses and most of the brands today employ Facebook advertising as the tool to generate leads and sales.

Marketing on Instagram

There are 800 million users on Instagram of which, almost 500 million users on Instagram are active daily. This platform has most users that purchase online through advertisement or directly after viewing content on Instagram page. A page can have many followers which directly equates to having a fan following in real world. the fans that continuously engage and participate in conversations about the brand, leading to its popularity across the web. Features like Instagram reel that allows the users to post short videos, stories that enable people to interact with their fan following and audience daily, links can be added in profile section and shop feature allows businesses to showcase their products easily.

Instagram being a visual medium, leaves a lasting impact through imagery on the minds of the customers. There is a huge chance that the followers buy the products after seeing the posts.

Instagram as a social media platform is very much helpful getting your brand the attention that it deserves online and that is the reason why more and more businesses are turning towards Instagram for marketing purposes. We offer end-to-end Instagram marketing services for business growth and development.

Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another popular tool for social media marketing. There are at least 200 million business and professional profiles on LinkedIn. Through this platform, you can not only promote or grow your business but also maximize your operations. Connections can be made with the top businesses and new business opportunities can be discovered.

The audience on LinkedIn is purely professional. They are ready to explore new horizons of doing business with their customers. There are many groups of like-minded individuals that can be used as a target audience for any kind of businesses.

Marketing on LinkedIn gives businesses the brand awareness by opening in front of the targeted audience. Through continuous activities, LinkedIn can aid in fulfilling the business goals. Marketing on LinkedIn puts one’s business in a position of power and helps to develop a reputation as a leader in the industry.

Marketing on Twitter

Twitter is another effective medium for social media marketing. Twitter is based on tweets with a character limit of 280 characters for a single tweet. These tweets are a kind of short posts/updates and to maximize its reach, we use hashtags in it. Twitter has a vast number of users, and 500 million tweets are made every single day. With a cream lot that responds to everything based on topics of their interest, it is an excellent marketing medium to convey the brand messages.

Over time, the platform has evolved its features. It has a dedicated ad platform that supports objective-based advertising. There are a plenty of targeting options, including ones that allow businesses to target the conversations going on the platform and showing ads to the people who have participated in such conversations. With detailed analytics options available here as well, Twitter is an excellent tool for pushing a brand to the forefront.

Marketing on Quora

Quora is a question and answer-based knowledge sharing platform that has evolved over time as a medium for powerful contextual (topic-based) advertising. This social media platform is highly monitored, and content posted here goes for stringent quality checks before getting approved. The user profiles are also verified, and spam profiles are deleted automatically.

With such tight measures to enforce quality are in place, users have an assurance that their content will be visible to the intended audience in the form they want. This has resulted in the growth of Quora as an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and trust building. Quora allows people to display their expertise in a field by answering questions pertaining to that topic. This, in turn, results in brand awareness building, higher customer reach and lead generation as well.

Quora as a platform assists in brand discovery and helps the end user to find your brand. When a person provides informative answers to questions on user’s post, he/she is automatically increasing the credibility of the brand. Quora allows brands to engage in meaningful conversations with the target audience as well.

Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and the biggest video search engine in the world. Owned by Google, YouTube is most simple, cost effective

and direct medium of showcasing your business through the video format. YouTube has such a wide acceptance that it is watched by nearly 95% of world population. This platform is accessed in all the languages.

YouTube has channels which represent a business or individual. People can follow these channels and many followers implies greater brand visibility, higher customer reach and better customer retention. The effectiveness through which the message of the brand is delivered to the right audience using visuals, is the factor that pushes brands to appear on YouTube.

YouTube offers the options to monetize a channel as well. After a minimum threshold, channel owners can earn money from their channels in return for showing ads to the viewers on their video content. This additional benefit, with all the advantages that YouTube offers, has placed it as a lucrative option among people of all age groups, in addition to the brands and businesses.

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