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The importance of Blogging in SEO

A blog is a write up by a person about the topics he wants to talk about. It is usually hosted on the platform which is called a blog platform. There are both free and paid blog platforms, the free ones being WordPress and Google Blogger which are the most popular and common.

Blogging is the buzzword in the modern scenario. From college students to people in their old age, everybody is sharing something or the other through their writings. The good part about this is, today knowledge sharing has become extremely easy. People are telling and helping each other to do complex tasks through their approaches which they have developed over time.

A blog is also a platform for people to write about their opinions. People have been sharing their experiences: the good the bad and the ugly, with one another which have led to a better understanding of how things work in today's times.

As search engines have evolved, a blog has become an essential tool in helping secure a website of favourable position in search engine rankings. This article talks about How a blog helps in overall website search engine optimization.

A Blog attracts traffic to the website

Whether you are working as a standalone personal brand are you own a company, if you write blogs regularly it will help you to rank your website in searches for your blog topics. People will come to your website and read about what you have to say about a particular topic or trend. And the good thing about this is, once this cycle starts, that is when you start getting visitors who interact with your content, search engines treat it as a positive signal and they improve your rankings further, helping you gain traffic.

A blog establishes authority

When you regularly write on a topic, you start appearing on search engines and become visible to a larger audience. When people start reading about what you have to say about an idea or topic, they form a perception is that you are an expert in that field. If you are trying to solve problems through your blog or suggesting ways to do a complicated task, it helps to automatically build your authority in that field as your readers assume that you know about the topic very well. Again, this is also a cycle, once your authority is built and you continue writing blogs, you get more people contacting you to solve their problems which is beneficial for you as a business.

A blog helps you rank on thousands of keywords at a time

Yes, that's right. writing blogs regularly can help you rank on many keywords at a time, which is not possible through any technique of on page SEO or off page SEO. Applying search engine optimization techniques helps the website rank on targeted keywords. In contrast, a blog helps a website rank on thousands of words at a time which are usually topics of the blog articles.

A blog helps in maintaining a brand's goodwill

A blog acts as a Brand's mouthpiece. Through the blog, the followers of the brands get to know about its viewpoint on crucial issues, it's taken on a particular stand, as well as it plays a huge role in protecting the brand from potential controversies or malicious attempt to foil its reputation through rumours about its products or services offerings.

Most start-ups are using blogs to get their voices heard on the Internet. Are you?

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

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