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Low Budget Digital Marketing Techniques

Most of the entrepreneurs start with a little budget on their hands and want to make big progress. Eventually they succeed, but the trajectory of their path to success is sometimes very long. The reason is, to some extent, the variety of tools that we have at our disposal in the modern world of marketing, but we do not know, what will work for our business and what won’t.

This post will tell you about the most common, but the most easily ignored, low budget digital marketing techniques that you can use to grow your business. (These methods work for most of the businesses, but if you feel that your business model is somewhat unique, and will require a unique set of marketing methods, feel free to reach out to us!).

Strategy 1: Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is basically using content to demonstrate your expertise to people and pull them towards your brand.

The web is a visual medium, and any thing that you do on the internet about your business is making you appeal to more and more audience, pulling them towards you. The activities need not be promotional, but can be anything, from regular blog articles being published on the site about the topics relevant to your business, to plain and old-fashioned emails. Posting videos at frequent intervals also boosts a brand, as posting images that offer an intrinsic value on the web.

The idea is to get into the minds of the people as frequently as possible. The more they see you, the more likely they are to remember you when they are out to buy the product. The approaches can be different, some brands choose to entertain, others to educate and inspire; for your brand you can choose one that goes well with your image.

Strategy 2: Local Business Listings

Before the web was invented, what did business owners do to make themselves known to their target audience?

They used yellow pages of magazines/journals to indicate that they offered a certain kind of product or service. Additionally, they partnered with different local organizations and communities that used to recommend their product to its customers. Once the customer base was set up, efforts were then made to scale the business.

Same concept applies to local business listings. These are very similar to the yellow pages of the past. These websites allow other business entities to enter their information under a particular category, like furniture manufacturers in a particular city can register themselves in the category furniture. A lot of visitors flock these sites daily, and businesses registered on these sites get their fair share of leads and customers.

These are one of the best low budget digital marketing techniques, as most of the listing websites are free and you do not need a paid subscription of them for your business.

Strategy 3: Facebook Reviews

Many Facebook page owners often complain of little to no organic activity. That is true: organic reach (reach that Facebook offers for free) of Facebook posts is quite limited, pages with 0 followers have close to 0 organic reach.

Ever wondered why Facebook isn’t showing your posts to your intended audience? You might say that is because Facebook wants to promote its advertising products and it is not wrong, it does push its ad products. But it may be because your page lacks social validation. Try getting some reviews from trusted customers and your Facebook page will start getting traction. Facebook will start suggesting your page to more people and followers, likes, comments, shares will soon follow.

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