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How to maximize your Email open rates?

Emails are to a business what water is for us: they keep us well functioning and serve as a medium for various processes to take place. Emails connect every business process in today’s scenario and are the single most important official communication medium preferred by most of the business for documentation purposes.

Apart from having such great significance in conduction of business, they play a crucial role in marketing too. They are now being used to communicate information about latest offers, special events, deals and discounts to customers. With such a great role to play, it is imperative that the marketing emails should be opened to the customers that they are sent to.

Tips to improve the open rates of email:

Use personalization

Start your email with dear (first name of person), instead of dear customer, or dear user. This adds a personal touch and adding this in the subject line intrigues a person, leading them into belief that email is from someone they know. The result: you guessed it right, higher email open rates.

Use an attractive and catchy subject line

Your email subject lines should grab immediate attention of its reader. Start with something unconventional, cook up something startling or try humorous or funny themes to get noticed at your first email. It becomes easy if you break the ice with first well written email, the readers start responding well to your next emails.

The first line of the email body should also be very attractive

The first line of the email is just visible after the title and it is called preview text. To build a solid impression, the preview text should be appealing enough to the reader. This can be done by introducing some surprise element in them, as done in case of subject lines.

Focus on delivering value

If your emails deliver value, you will never have to think about optimizing email open rates, they will be taken care of automatically. A valuable email drives engagement with the brand on a far greater scale than a normal and boring marketing email.

Don’t overdo promotions

If you always send promotional offers to your customers, you can be sure your mail will be marked as spam over the course of time by the customers, even by the ones who once bought your product or service. Why? This is because one cannot buy the same product repeatedly even if it comes at a discounted rate or has an exciting offer with it.

Try to be consistent with your emailing frequency

The principle: out of sight, out of mind holds true in marketing. Your emails should be consistently sent to your subscribers to keep them coming back for more. If you do not follow the regular pattern, your emails follow a random pattern, people tend to forget about you and your efforts start to go in vain. On the other hand, do not send emails too frequently too, because then your subscribers can get annoyed and unsubscribe themselves from your newsletter.

The recommended pattern is 1 email per week. If you want to increase the frequency, you can move up to 3, not more than that.

Keep the scope of interaction open in the content of the email.

Do not be too formal in your emails. Rather, use a conversational tone. Think of examples to make your content interesting and lively and invite your readers to ask questions if they have any. When you participate in the discussion, it will build your credibility and connection with reader.

You can also feature interesting discussion with your readers as the content of your emails. This will drive further engagement and motivate others to interact with you, further driving your email open rates upwards for every mail that you send.

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