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How to build a Brand using Content Marketing?

Content Marketing, as crucial it is in today’s times to build a brand, can be defined in many ways, but we define it as “providing value to your customers so that they take an action you want them to take.” That could be as simple as reading an article on your website or sharing your article on social media. It could mean setting up a free consultation to speak with you in person, filling out a form to download a whitepaper, or getting in contact with you for more information. The point is that it can be anything.

Content marketing is about getting your name out there, about driving visitors to your website and about providing value. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner or just someone who writes things on the internet, it’s all about getting people to take an action you want them to take.

Let’s have a look at how we can use Content Marketing to build our brand.

Step 1: Post a Blog on a regular basis

Blogging is the most effective way to improve search engine rankings and increase your web traffic. It is a simple activity that can be done by anyone wanting to start or generate revenue from a website. In fact, it doesn’t even require programming knowledge–you just have to write.

There’s a lot of controversy regarding how often you need blog and what’s the right frequency. One thing I’m certain of is this: Don’t ever go more than 2 weeks without writing a post or updating your blog. People visit blogs in the hope of discovering something new they didn’t know yesterday. As humans we learn quickly and forget just as fast so if it’s been more than 2 weeks: there is a lot of possibility that you will start losing your fanbase.

Step 2: Harness the power of Video

Videos are a great way to communicate to your customers in a more dynamic and engaging manner. Videos help customers get to know your brand better and also provide them with valuable information from which they can evaluate whether the products or services you offer are suitable for their needs. A video marketing strategy is an integral part of any marketing plan for companies that want to grow and make their mark in the online world.

As the demand for video content is increasing day by day, it becomes more and more crucial for every business to invest in video marketing as a part of their overall marketing strategy. As per the predictions by Forrester Research, the brands which will invest in creating video content would get 58 percent engagement from their target audiences and likely to have three times higher ROI.

Step 3: Utilize social media

Content has become an integral part of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Numerous businesses are increasingly gaining popularity with the help of contents posted on these platforms, thanks to the followers on their social media accounts. It allows businesses to easily engage and interact with their clientele while also increasing brand awareness and consumer base.

Many businesses use social media to share content such as blog posts, videos and images. The idea is to make your posts more attractive and helpful to your followers on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This can be achieved by using the right tactics that will leave your targeted audience engaged.

Step 4: Write Educational E-Mailers

Using educational emails are a great way to increase the reach and exposure of your business. These are extremely effective tools to build a brand using content marketing. Educating can be broken down into lots of different reasons to educate your email lists. Some reasons being to: improve customer service, increase sales conversions, get repeat orders, show more products, to list a few reasons.

Educational emails have proven to be one of the most effective email marketing tools out there. Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse and similar email marketing platforms have integrated this innovative concept into their marketing automation systems and it’s now one of the most lucrative segments of the email marketing industry.

While it is vital to have a large group of interested recipients for an email campaign to be successful, it is just as important to ensure that your content and message is relevant and useful. Educational emails should address prevailing issues in the minds of the recipients. It should be helpful and give them something valuable they can use.

Step 5: Write E-Books on important topics of your industry

eBooks are the ultimate form of content marketing, providing multiple benefits for the author and the target audience. It can be more effective than blog posts, infographics, videos and guest posts.

E-books are a simple way of getting your content marketing message out to a wider audience. While some criticize using e-books as a form of content marketing, I think they’re perfect for the purpose. If you’re starting a business, writing an eBook can be very useful for getting new clients in the door.

eBooks offer a powerful medium for creating content. They are easier to consume (pdf) than blog posts or videos, can be downloaded instantly (if you do it right), and can be read offline. In today’s world, books have become the next best thing after blog articles!

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