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Cheap and Cost-Effective options to get Website Traffic

Having a proper flow of website traffic is crucial for business owners to attain their objectives. Their goals on website might be anything: from video plays to website clicks, form sign ups and product purchases as well. All of these are accomplished when the website has visitors who interact with the content on it.

Thankfully, there are many advertising solutions available with the option of website traffic, some of them offering it for dirt cheap. Let's have a look at where you can buy website traffic without spending a lot of money on it.

Option 1: Facebook ads

Facebook is the second biggest player in digital advertising right now. It offers a variety of ads that suits every business objective whether it is from branding and awareness, to reach or traffic, Leads/sales. The advertiser gets 4 options: you can take the traffic to your website, to your mobile app, to your Facebook Messenger or to your WhatsApp, where they would be interacting with your WhatsApp business account, and you will be getting inquiries directly through instant messages.

You can choose the option of website visitors, select your targeting, choose the landing page and you're good to go. Facebook will show your business ads to people and refer them to your website. The tracking will be done through Facebook pixel which you need to install on your site. In case you want important actions to happen on your site, you need to set up events through the event setup tool in the events manager of Facebook.

Option 2: Quora Ads

Quora also offers website traffic ads. Its ads are cheaper than Facebook and since it is based on both text-based articles as well as image-based ads, the quality of traffic is almost on par or even better than that of Facebook. T

he procedure of setting up the ads is again very simple. One needs to navigate to the Quora ads manager, choose the objective, choose an appropriate target with age group, gender and other details, finalize the ad copy by writing the headlines, furnish the other details such as brand logo along with the brand name and then you are ready to run ads on the platform.

Option 3: LinkedIn ads

Like Facebook and Quora, LinkedIn also offers the option of running ads for website traffic. The major plus point of LinkedIn is that you expose your brand to a completely professional audience which is in mindset of doing business. The result: you get hyper targeted website traffic that converts on your site.

LinkedIn ads are costlier than the other 2 options mentioned above. The cost obviously will depend on the targeting that you set but it is usually on a higher side when compared to Facebook and Quora. In turn, LinkedIn delivers on the quality of website traffic which is very good as compared to other 2 platforms.

To set up the ads one needs to navigate to LinkedIn campaign manager, then choose the website traffic objective, set up the targeting along with demographic details pertaining to age & gender, set up the ad copy, finalize the budget and then run the ad.

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